The need for sleep. I both love and hate it.

I decided when I rebooted the website to speak frankly in my writings, so what other way to say it? My sleep’s all fucked up. To put it otherwise would underscore the level of distortion in quality sleep I’ve had for the last months, and undermine the essence of writing: Go with what you know.

What I know is my sleep’s fucked up, to the point that I need to write about it briefly.

To be sure, this isn’t a boo-hoo-for-me post. The main reason for not hitting the pillow properly has been for work, and that’s something that one has to appreciate having, even if it doesn’t mean ideal hours.

Right now I’m building up some extra funds with two days a week as a night porter. It’s a good job, honest work with a decent paycheck, and with some upcoming projects, nothing I have to worry about when the shift ends. The only drawback is that I work those two days from midnight to 8 a.m., effectively flipping my sleep from the rest of the week… Which would be okay if I was sleeping normally, which I’m not, due to this job… But again, work for future is worth turmoil, try being a beggar in Calcutta!

Obviously, also working a lot, both on photos and words to show them.

The point is, while keeping both photo and life busy on sleep that’s messing with me more than a bit, small problem in production: I just can’t pull together a final edit on other blog posts I’ve drafted. That simply means I’m getting (surprising amounts of) writing done, but not reaching a level I’m happy with to let out as a final copy. It may be crap anyways (says me, my own harshest critic & editor), but I’d rather hold it a bit more until this brain farting passes and I can be properly sure of what I’m saying, and that I’m letting out the best effort.

So hang tough you one or two return visitors, I’m on it and all will be well soon. Better to wait a bit and do it right, especially in these early days of my getting cozy with the written word.

Off to bed, even right now 5am is kinda late to be up…

About the author

Andy McSweeney is a professional creative photographer from Montreal, Canada. After leaving Montreal in 1995 to explore the planet, over a dozen countries were home and even more visited. Based 10+ years in Brugge Belgium for his local lady, he runs daily photo walking tours via Photo Tour Brugge . AKA: Andy McPhoto, Foto Andy, DJ AndOman.

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